Active partner to credit institutions

If a credit institution encounters difficulties, we can take an active part in the process of its recovery. Learn more about the Agency's participation in the protection of financial system stability and the measures of solving problems in credit institutions.

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Protector of citizens' and entrepreneurs' deposits

Agency is a specialised financial institution whose primary function is protection of depositors from losing their deposits in the event of credit institution's bankruptcy. Learn about insured deposits, who can be insured and what is the insurance limit.

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24 years of work on financial system stability

Since 1994, we have been providing deposit insurance and supporting credit institutions. During bankruptcy proceedings of 26 banks and savings banks, we have paid a total of 4.3 billion kuna for insured deposits to more than 100.000 deposit holders' accounts.

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The share of insured deposits in the total deposits

The share of insured deposits in the total deposits increases each year. Out of the total of 372.2 billion HRK of deposits in Croatian credit institutions on December 31, 2018. 191.9 billion of deposits were insured. As much as 172.9 billion of insured deposits belonged to citizens (natural persons), 17.2 bilion to entrepreneurs and 1.7 billion to non-profit organisations.